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Disrespect TABOR? Pay the Price.

“The Big Winner Tonight is TABOR” Republican voters overwhelming rejected three high profile candidates who disrespected our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights with their support of Senate Bill 267, a.k.a. “The Grand Betrayal,” said President of the Independence Institute and TABORYes Coalition member Jon Caldara in an email following last night’s primary results. The losers? State…

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Dan Mitchell: CO Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights should be a role model for nation

While the Denver-centric ruling class is doing its best to destroy the greatest gift Colorado voters ever gave themselves or future generations, ¬†nationally renowned economist Dan Mitchell has this to say about our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, “TABOR should be nationally emulated, not locally emasculated.” In his piece¬†titled “Colorado’s Taxpayer [sic] Bill of Rights (TABOR)…

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Want to be part of the cool kids?

Twenty-seven individuals just added their names to the growing TABORYes coalition, a group that won’t tolerate any more attacks on the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights — the greatest gift voters have ever given themselves and future generations. Some of their comments include: I continue to support the concept of TABOR and the positive effects it…

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Super Model: The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

What does Colorado have that voters in other states want? The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights! The ladies at one of our favorite national thinks — the Independent Women’s Forum — know good looking fiscal policy when they see it. Check out Heather Madden‘s latest post on Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights being a “model” for…

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