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IVYMI: CRA’s Michael Fields on CPT12

Colorado Rising Action‘s Michael Fields recently appeared on Colorado Public Television’s Devil’s Advocate. As Complete Colorado reports, Fields discussed whether Colorado voters will give up their tax refunds for good. See for yourself below!

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Dems Spew Misleading TABOR Info

Once again, Colorado Democrats are misleading voters when it comes to TABOR and the state budget. As The Center Square reports, Democratic Rep. K.C. Becker claims Colorado can’t make improvements “because the state constitution prohibits the budget from growing with the economy.” But as Barry Poulson, professor emeritus of economics at the University of Colorado,…

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Prop CC – State Wants to Keep your TABOR Refunds

This year’s money grab has an official title: Proposition CC. The state will “ask your permission to keep refunds from the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) to allocate towards transportation projects, public K-12 schools, and higher education,” according to KOAA. With Colorado’s constantly-ballooning budget, it’s hard to believe the money will be well-spent. And hopefully…

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GOP & Prentice Concerned Over Bloated Budget

Despite constraints placed on the state budget by TABOR, Colorado repubs are showing growing concern over a nearly 5% increase in the upcoming budget. As the Independence Institute’s Paul Prentice says to Watchdog, Every dollar spent by the State of Colorado must first come from the private sector in one form or another. TABOR minimizes…

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